Took some time to get out of the city. In mchenry right now and heading to Wisconsin in a couple hours.

Took a long walk today to get some ideas in my head going and at the same time clear my mind.

Trying some new things this year

Reflecting on photos from 2013 so many that I like for so many reasons. One above is from Paris after a lady saw is drinking beer in the alley. She smiled after she saw us :-) #paris #France

It’s getting closer to the end of the year and I have so many goals I’m setting for myself. I think this is a good time to reflect on this past years work and take on some new challenges. I will be spending the next few days picking and choosing my favriote images I have taken this year. I encourage you to so the same. Happy Holidays!!

Today’s Feature Shooter

Aaron Ehinger

I grew up in Fort Wayne Indiana. Moved. here in oct of 2006 (age 23) I started taking photos with my kodak easy share 3.1 megapixel xmas gift at 18. I had no idea what I was doing but i knew that I liked documenting my life. I haphazardly did my girlfriend’s senior pictures, I had no idea what bokeh was so I’d create a layer in photshop 7, add motion blur to one layer and extract the subject from the other. I actually thought that was how it was done…

Living in Chicago, I worked at the Chicago Diner where I met the owner of Chicago Photography Academy, William Benson . I ended up modeling for a few of the classes held at CPA, and eventually expressed an interest in taking classes. William let me take one free, which got me hooked. In 2010 I took every class offered.

From there I started shooting a lot of live bands, a couple of low key weddings, and played around with a lot of portraiture. To further my skills I started assisting for established photographers. I interned for commercial photographer Saverio Truglia, Wedding Photographers Amaris Giselle and Sean Cook, and Architectural Photographer Darris Lee Harris. I also attended Dave Jackson’s F/what? workshop.

I really enjoy shooting tight portraiture, I enjoy the nuances of subtle expressions, and the way that light enhances them. I also love shooting high energy bands. I try to make the viewer feel like they are right in front of the band. Part of the action. I’m not into using long lenses at shows, I like it wide and tight, like 24mm, 10 inches from your face tight.

Feature Shooter!!

Every week I will feature a photographer from Chicago.  Will attempt to provide a little bit of background about the artist.  Where they grew up, how they started, their strengths and weaknesses.  Looking forward to meeting more of you!


  • It's getting harder and harder to wake up in the morning. Especially with it still being dark outside when I wake up. Decided to bring my camera with me this morning to work. Let's see what I can find!!

Decided to take a long bike ride after work.  Decided to bring my camera along for the ride as well.  Haven’t been to Millennium park in a long time and decided to walk around and snap some photos.  Was nice to stop by something I see on a daily basis and just admire it.